A Live Collection of

Song Favorites performed with Jazz/Latin flair, featuring Louise Chiasson on Vocals/Saxophone or Piano

Singer / Song Writer &

Canadian Music Producer

& Live Entertainer


    Louise Chiasson

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Louise Chiasson has always been ‘starry-eyed’ when it comes to The Arts. Most of her childhood was spent reaching for the moon and embracing both music and artistry while floating on the ice with the Quebec Figure Skating team. Flying from one jump to the next led her into the world of Ballet as well as the Quebec Conservatory of Music where she studied both piano and flute.

As a concert pianist and composer, Chiasson soon discovered her vocal abilities. This was a turning point for her as she started to perform as a cocktail pianist-singer in many hotels, banquet halls, casinos, lounges, dining rooms and cruise ships.Writing original French songs soon became a passion that led to the release of her first album in the late nineties. The journey that followed resulted in a few years of professional growth before the influence of the French community within Ontario brought her back to music with a new CD release entitled: “Ça coûte cher aller dans l’sud”.


Inspired by the great singers and composers ranging from Edith Piaf to Blossom Dearie via Cole Porter and Francis Cabrel, Chiasson’s array of influences, combined with her preference for softer vocals, natural sounds, warm woodwinds, brass colors and natural melodies, demonstrates her evolution to a renewed and confident singer-songwriter.


“I am reaching for my second moon,” says Chiasson. “I think it’s important to experiment and flirt with a number of musical influences in order to find how we wish to contribute to the music industry. When I finished recording this new CD, I knew I created something I could be proud of while still keeping a glitter of room for growth.”

As a performer, Louise Chiasson charms her audiences with her charisma and commitment to lyrics as well as her sense of rhythm, musicality and gracefulness.


Born and raised in Rimouski, Quebec with strong ties to her Acadian background, Chiasson is now part of the growing Ontarian French music scene. “Quebec and New Brunswick remain flowers of my creative gardens and I’ve established some new roots in Ontario. Although I do not quite know where the wind will next scatter its seed, I do believe that I am, and will remain, a Canadian Flower forever,” jokes Chiasson.

The writing and production process for “Ça coûte cher aller dans l’sud” was a challenging journey as Chiasson wanted to put her arranging and production skills to the test. From sound engineering studies to working her way through long days and late nights, Chiasson fully committed to her studio time in order to self-produce this new release. “From there, I let my musical muse control the outcome,” says Chiasson with fond reflection.


Although Chiasson mostly sings in French, sparkles of English will surely be part of the future. “Quelques regrets sournois”, an adaption with lyrics of Glazunov’s Petit Adagio theme of “Les belles histoires des pays d’en haut”, opened a new window. “I may have a flair for adaptations as I keep hearing forgotten melodies in need of a new lyrical breeze ever since I produced this song.” says Chiasson.


Louise Chiasson will continue to explore a wide variety of musical blooms with each song and project aiming for its own mood and musical colors. “I often feel like a child waltzing between cheerfulness and a gloomy mood, leaping from one experiment to the next, spreading this paradoxical dynamic all over my creative gardens. Yet, like a colorful butterfly, I prefer to fly with a full set of wings”.